Nautilus Olympic Military Bench - $495

Nautilus  Olympic Military Bench

The military press primarily works the deltoids, especially the middle deltoid, and triceps. In addition, the military press targets several synergist or assisting muscles including the middle and lower trapezius or simply your traps. Neglecting the shoulders in your workout will create a disproportionate appearance in the upper body. The military press also contributes to a balanced shoulder joint.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this Nautilus  Olympic Military Bench at an unbeatable price.  Please call 401-573-8912 or e-mail for additional information. Local delivery and installation is available for a nominal fee. Pickup at our warehouse in West Warwick, RI is free of charge. We have a loading dock for easy loading of equipment. National and international shipping is available, call for quotes. 

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