Aerobic Rider II by HealthRider - $100

Aerobic Rider II by HealthRider

The HealthRider uses your own weight, with a smooth forward and back motion similar to rowing, but with more flexibility about hand and foot placement. Unlike rowing, there is resistance throughout the stroke. It is well built - tough as nails - and very effective. Like the Range of Motion machine it simultaneously works most of your body, and can provide a stretch at the same time you work. The handle bars allow a biceps curl, a shoulder shrug, and a chest pull. You can also work the legs exclusively by moving the handle and the arms exclusively by using alternate foot pedals, but it's best just using all your body at once.

The main strengths are: 1) rapid warm up. You get cardio, stretch, resistance training in just a few minutes. 2) Full body involvement - arms, chest, and leg involvement all at the same time. You'll activate most major muscle groups. 3) Good benefit in short time duration. Five minutes gets a workout you'll feel and will give you some real benefit.

The Healthrider has emerged as a great niche player. It's a fantastic warmup before weights - perhaps the best machine out there for this purpose. It's also a great machine to get close to a total body workout when you only have a few minutes for a workout.  Five minutes before the morning shower will definitely be worth your time.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this Aerobic Rider II by HealthRider at an unbeatable price.  Please call 401-573-8912 or e-mail for additional information. Local delivery and installation is available for a nominal fee. Pickup at our warehouse in West Warwick, RI is free of charge. We have a loading dock for easy loading of equipment. National and international shipping is available, call for quotes. 

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